I wish to see the new stage of international community developping to create a system of inclusive women´s control over solutions of war and peace problems.
Ida Kuklina, The Union of Soldier´s Mothers Committee, Russia, Laureat of Right Livelihood Award

The former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt used to say, “If you have visions, consult a doctor.” People with visions make themselves vulnerable to attack. It is easy to criticise visions in the harshest terms and to dismiss those who hold them as “naïve” because they assume that good will prevail, which, as we know, seldom holds true.

Nonetheless, we are convinced that visions are urgently needed. They are a type of medicine that can lend fantasies and free thinking the room to expand once again. According to current understanding, they are unrealistic and can only be achieved with difficulty, but they represent something like a moral horizon towards which we can direct our endeavours and aims.

Realpolitik does not provide this horizon. The main objective of politicians is to secure their power basis. They are not interested in glaring injustices such as worldwide violence and the stockpiling of arms, the climate disaster and the global hunger crisis. As a result, the resolution of the most urgent problems facing humanity is postponed until they subsequently become insurmountable.

This is why you will find a collection of several visionary texts here, which we hope to be able to replenish on a regular basis.